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The Portuguese Reproducibility Network - PTRN


Founded in 15th of June, 2021, our network aims to promote the adoption of replicable, transparent, robust, and rigorous research practices in all scientific disciplines in Portugal.

Our ultimate goal is to promote responsible and sustainable research that can have an impact on relevant societal problems. Accordingly, the network facilitates:

  1. the organization of discussion forums and training activities, 

  2. the curation of materials and resources,

  3. the systematization of recommendations regarding best scientific practices, and

  4. the investigation and dissemination of best research-practices. 


We also work with stakeholders (e.g., funders, publishers, scientific societies) and other reproducibility networks (e.g., UKRN, SWISSRN, DERN) to ensure the coordination of efforts nationally and internationally. The PTRN is committed to improve research practices in Portugal, and it also works with other international reproducibility networks whose goals align with the aims of the PTRN to coordinate efforts in examining and disseminating best research practices in all scientific disciplines. 

The activities of the PTRN span multiple levels: researchers, research groups, faculties, institutes, funders, and the public authorities. We seek to have a transdisciplinary and multi-institutional representation across the whole country. 


At the moment, our network is on its kickoff phase. The steering committee and interested parties are meeting to support and establish local nodes, and to collect resources.

Here is what the network aims to do:

Scientist Using Microscope


We aim to support researchers at all career levels on learning about Responsible and Reproducible Research Practices, and in creating local nodes at their institutions. Contact us if you need support!

Office Conference


We aim to support local initiatives and connect them with other national and international initiatives



We connect with different stakeholders (e.g., publishers, funders, scientific societies) to coordinate efforts on the promotion of best research practices.

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