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Notes on the Reproducibility Summit, Bern, 30-Sep

The first European Reproducibility Summit was a great success: different countries got together to discuss the goal of improving science and making it more collaborative!

Representatives from ca. 13 countries joined the summit: Portugal, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Poland, UK, Switzerland (the host) and even representatives from Brazil. The meeting followed a hybrid format: some people joined in person, some virtually. It worked perfectly well and it was fully inclusive.

Each country was in a different phase of setting up their reproducibility network and we aimed to share experiences, resources, contacts. The question we posed ourselves: can we work together to promote transparent, reproducible, fair and robust research practices across all disciplines and across country boarders? We believe so! Discussions revolved around what we can learn from each other to facilitate the promotion of best research practices: how can we gather resources, plan activities, talk to stakeholders and motivate people to join and engage with the network.

One lesson learned: the base of the network is the academic community. We need you to join us and help us shape the future of science with more inclusiveness, cooperation, transparency and rigor. Researchers, Institutions, Stakeholders: let's move together toward this goal.

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